Raw Material Supply

As ASU, we supply high-quality and reliable special chemicals from the world’s leading manufacturers to the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industries. We supply raw materials as the exclusive distributor from Europe to the USA, Japan to the UK. For our business partners, we continue to grow and expand our product range due to the number of exclusive agencies that we increase day by day. Our company offers the special raw materials that are required in your production.

The raw materials that we supply are stored carefully in our temperature- and humidity-controlled auxiliary raw material warehouses by our trained personnel, and shipped after the required packaging, lot number and document controls

Sample Support

We provide raw material samples and finished product samples for new products / product improvement projects of our business partners in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food supplement industries. If you let our sales team know about your new projects, the best raw material samples and end product samples will be delivered to you as soon as possible. For information about our raw materials and all types of technical support for your projects, please contact us. We can deliver solutions to any technical issue with the help of our team and the technical support of our leading suppliers.

Continuous Training

As ASU, we believe in continuous improvement and progress. Thus, we organize regular workshops and aim to contribute to the development of our business partners as much as ours. By meeting our business partners during the beauty trend days that we

Formulation Support

Besides raw materials, we also provide Cosmetics industry with formulation support and Pharmaceutical industry with drug coating sample support in our application laboratory. Our application laboratory team, an expert in cosmetics formulation, may come up with appropriate formulas for your needs and with solutions to challenges you face in the course of production. And the coating material you specifically need to prepare your drug formula will be provided by our technical team no more than one day.